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Case Study

Paper Claims Vs Electronic Claims
Paper Claims Electronic Claims
45 - 120 days 7 - 21 days
Up to 30+% rejection Less than 2% rejection
Up to $2 / Claim including postage $0.50 / Claim
Some errors Very Accurate
Extensive Follow Up Limited Follow Up


  • Average daily patient volume is 16
  • 60% of patients are covered by insurance, and
  • The office is open five days a week, 48 weeks per year,
  • Total annual insurance claim volume is 2,304.
  • Estimate $29,000 in annual salary costs, based on the average wage for one full-time billing assistant, with part-time utilization of a clerk/roving assistant.
Lets Compare-
This example is based on:
  • 6 minutes working time on paper claims and 2 minutes for electronic claims,
  • Current postage rates,
  • Trading partner and clearing house fees up to $2 per claim, and
  • OHMS™ fees of $0.50 per claim plus monthly charges.
Annual Costs Paper Claims Electronic Claims OHMS™
Staff time for processing and submitting claims $3210 $1070
Claim Submission and mail postage $4618 $2304
Staff time for posting, follow-up and claims resubmission $2140 $21
Claim resubmission and mail postage $65 $0
Estimated Costs: $10,023 $3,395
Estimated annual savings by using electronic claims = $6,628
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