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Oahe Health Management, LLC provides professional consultations to institutions and organizations to support them in achieving a cutting edge in the health care industry by maximizing their nurse staff potential. Our extensive experience and knowledge of nurses and their professional development can assist institutions and organizations to create "Magnetized nursing practice environments". Magnetized nursing practice environments support nurses and their professional development and create excitement about practice and pride in the organization.

Nurses will recognize and value the benefits of such a professional practice environment and promote professional practice.

Job Seekers

In the United States there is critical shortage of qualified registered nurses. According to government projections, by the year 2008, approximately about half million nurses may be needed to meet demand.

Employment Process:

  • Submit your resume to
  • Attend initial interview conducted by OHM representative


  • Nursing Degree / Diploma
  • Nursing License
  • CGFNS certified
  • IELTS Examined
  • TOEFL, TWE & TSE Examined
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Leadership Qualities

For those who don't posses CGFNS, IELTS or TOEFL, TWE & TSE certification are also applicable, provided they submit substantial evidence of interest towards pursing them.

For International Candidates:
To work as a nurse in the United States, you must obtain a visa issued by the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). There are two types of visas that could be issued to work as a nurse in the United States.

  • H1-B
  • Employment Based Third Preference Immigrant - Green Cards

Qualified International Candidates will be assisted in seeking a visa from USCIS

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